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Pollution is a big world issue, check this website to learn more.
The Causes of



      The main causes of pollution is the fossil fuels control most of our man built machines. If you want to learn more go the the Causes of Pollution page.

If you have other ways to help stop pollution or a problem with the site, Please message us.

Fixing Pollution

Fixing pollution can be easy as recycling just a few plastic bottles a day. The other ways you could acomplish by helping to fix pollution go the the Fixing Pollution Page.

Facts you Should know about Pollution

     100 million tons of trash goes to the trash sites every week because they are not biodegratable.

     The United States is only 5% of the worlds population and it burns up most of the natural resources.

     The type of gas that is mainly getting into the amospere is CO2.

     China has the most polluted atmospere in the world but the United States is not that far behind.

     There are one million sea birds and 100,000sea mammals that die every year because the water they swim in.

     There is a 20% chance that some people could die by lung cancer and pollution is the thing that causes it.

     40% of the lakes in the United States are polluted and you can't go swimming in them

    Kids are 10% of the worlds population and some of them die from diseases under the age of five.

Problems with Pollution

There are many promblems that are caused by pollution such envoriment issues and Health issues, if you want to learn more go to the section Problems With Pollution.

How Serious Is Pollution

Pollution is a really serious issue in todays world and many people think that it is soon going to kill us all and even the Earth. If you want to learn more about how serious pollution is then go to the How Serious Is Pollution section.

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